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Welcome to Assess PHS Visions!


  1. Log in the platform (and/or sign up)
  2. Open any of the visions and scroll down the page
  3. click the stars to assess the vision (and write a comment if you wish)
  4. Submit


Feasibility – How feasible would it be to implement this vision by 2030?

  • 1 Star – not really feasible
  • 5 Stars – Extremely feasible

Relevance – How relevant it is that the vision would materialise? 

  • 1 Star – not really relevant
  • 5 Stars – Extremely relevant

Novelty – How novel the vision is for you?

  • 1 Star – not really novel
  • 5 Stars – Extremely novel

We appreciate your contributions

Your assessments help us identify most valuable visions and provide improved understanding of the PHS community preferences and future directions.

The results will feed back to the scenario and roadmapping work of the PHS Foresight project and the development of policy-recommendations.

We also maintain and publish here the list of most promising PHS visions, which evolves according to the user assessments.


PHS Visions Chart

Augmented Reality Apps4.25/54/54.5/54.5/5
Medical Diagnosis Platform4/54/54.75/53.5/5
Prevention support system4/53.25/54.25/54.25/5
Medication Interaction App3.75/53.25/54.5/54/5
Chronic Gastritis Monitoring3.75/53.5/54/53.75/5
Mobile biosensor3.75/53.75/53.75/53.75/5
E-therapy to lower stress levels3.75/54/53.25/54/5
Certificated hard- and software 3.75/53.25/54.25/53.75/5
Supervised Teletherapy3.75/53.25/53.75/54/5
Using standards in PHS3.75/53.5/54/53.5/5
Personal Health Forecasting3.75/53/54.25/54/5
Portable device for health checks3.75/53.25/53.75/54.25/5
mHealth based medication management3.75/52/54.5/54.5/5
Personalised disease prevention3.75/53/54.5/53.5/5
Home monitoring of transplant patients3.75/52.5/54.25/54.25/5
gPHS - Personal Health Systems in focus3.5/53.5/53.5/53.75/5
Non-invasive, wireless blood pressure readings3.5/52.5/54/54.25/5
Mobile pregnancy councelor3.5/53.25/53.5/54/5
Robots as personal health assistants3.5/53.25/54/53.75/5
Implantable Bionics of the Future3.5/53.75/53.25/53.5/5
Track Yourself3.5/52.25/53.5/54.75/5
Mobile application for connected healthcare3.5/52.75/54.25/53.75/5
P4 Medicine Revolution3.5/53.5/53.75/53.25/5
App for multiple sclerosis patients3.5/53.75/53.5/53.25/5
Diabetes Watchdog App3.5/51.75/53.75/54.75/5
Nutrition support system3.25/52.5/53.75/53.75/5
Passive sensors in patient care3.25/52.75/53.25/54/5
Assistive tech for dementia patients3.25/53.25/53.5/53.25/5
Radiological diagnosis via telemedicine3.25/53.5/53.25/53/5
Collaborative relationships3.25/52.5/53.5/53.5/5
AiQ BioMan t-shirt3.25/52.5/53.25/54/5
PHS watchdog3.25/52.5/53.25/54/5
Patient empowerment with the use of apps3.25/52.25/53.5/53.75/5
Healthy lifestyle reminder3/51.75/53.5/54/5
EU system for personal health3/52.5/53.5/53.25/5
Mobile Devices as Health-Managers3/52.5/53.25/53.25/5
Insulin 'Robot'2.75/51.5/53.5/53.25/5
Medical home in the future2.75/53/52.75/52.75/5
Tele-emergency system2.75/53/52.75/52.75/5
Life expectancy indicator app2.75/52.75/52/53.25/5
Value-based healthcare with RPM2.5/52.25/52.25/53.25/5

Why Share, Comment and Assess Ideas?

  • Influence on European policy: This process will support the subsequent scenario and roadmapping workshops that are entitled to influence on European policy-making on PHS, for example by assessing the suitability of the PHS field for a possible ‘European Innovation Partnership’ initiative, and by identifying risks in, and obstacles to, various trajectories of PHS development.
  • Get invited to workshops: The best contributors of visions, comments and assessments will be invited and reimbursed to take part in ‘PHS Foresight’ scenario and roadmapping workshops in June 12-14 in Manchester and in December 2013/January 2014.
  • Gather new insights and contacts: When you share and co-create new visions, you also find appealing opportunities for international PHS cooperation.
  • Receive the synthesis report: We will send you and other participants a compilation report on the results of this visioning process.
  • Win a fitness tracker: The best 20 contributors submitting, commenting and assessing visions will take part in the lottery of a high-end Fitness tracker. Such a PHS device can measure your daily activity and diet and ultimately improve your personal health!

Can I participate?

This idea platform is for everyone interested in personal health systems, including:

  • Private users (e.g. patients and elderly or working with them – private caregivers and family)
  • Professional users (e.g. medical professionals and trainers)
  • Suppliers (e.g. research labs, commercial actors, service providers, solution packagers and system integrators)
  • Supporters (e.g. policy-makers, insurance companies, standard setters, analysts, civil society)


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