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Mobile application for connected healthcare


My vision is an application for selfmonitoring and disease prevention, through a system which connects patients with doctors, nutritionists …

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Prevention support system


Current situation

It is a matter of fact that our healthcare system does not focus on prevention – quite …

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Medical Diagnosis Platform


I don’t like to go to a general practitioner. It consumes too much time I could spend elsewhere. When …

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Augmented Reality Apps

In my vision there are certain apps that use augmented reality to display important information for the user. The user …

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Using standards in PHS


My vision is not about a certain personal health application. It is about interoperability which can be achieved by …

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Personal Health Forecasting


“Personal Health Forecasting” (PHF) can be described like this: continuously all your health-related information is collected digitally, through the …

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Mobile biosensor


By 2030 mobile biosensors will be widely in use facilitating personalised healthcare. Such systems will build on the most …

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Mobile pregnancy councelor


By 2030, the pregnancy related information and communication with the health professionals is widely facilitated by the mobile devices …

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Assistive tech for dementia patients


There is a range of commercially available and emerging assistive technologies that with further interdisciplinary research and modifications may …

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Patient empowerment with the use of apps


Health care costs are constantly rising and there is no foreseeable end for that in the future. Besides that …

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P4 Medicine Revolution

Diseases requiring medication

“P4” stands for powerfully predictive, personalized, preventative – meaning physicians will shift the focus to wellness–and participatory …

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Collaborative relationships

collaboration with health care

The cornerstone of the PHS services I foresee in 2030 is true collaborative relationships, to realize …

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Portable device for health checks


A small portable electronic device that will enable persons to measure a range of different physiological parameters, including pulse …

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Passive sensors in patient care


Meet Ann R. She is 65 and has congestive heart failure and diabetes. Ann is able to live safely …

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Value-based healthcare with RPM


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) will foster a number of benefits of its technology. Firstly, it will accelerate interoperability of …

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Implantable Bionics of the Future

Implantable devices will collect physiological monitoring and other data in the personalised health systems of the future. There are …

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mHealth based medication management

The identification of all medicinal products used by the patient is one of the pivotal issues that need to …

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This is a decision support tool aimed mainly at social care providers to use with their clients, though “expert …

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Robots as personal health assistants

Although the idea of robots at home assisting people has been around for a long time (indeed this is …

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