Chronic Gastritis Monitoring

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The general idea of my vision is a chip, placed in the stomach, equipped with a pH-sensor and a drug to protect the stomach for patients suffering from chronic gastritis. Additionally, combined with an electronic system to collect data it should generally fulfil three tasks. It should collect data about the pH-value, release a certain amount of the drug when needed and send it to an electronic device.
If the patient’s pH-value doesn’t correspondent to the reference value the device will send a signal to the chip to release a defined amount of a medication to protect the stomach. In Addition the patient will have to answer questions about factors which can cause gastritis (eg. nutrition, feelings..).
The collected data will be saved and processed. Depending on the frequency of the outbreaks the treating physician will get a report. He can then send messages including tips how to avoid gastritis. The data will also help to figure out the cause for the patient’s disease and to find the perfect therapy. Furthermore the patient does not have to think about taking medicine daily. Instead the chip will release it automatically and only when it is needed.


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