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My vision is having an “emergency point” (EP) (room with video wall, speakers and basic medical equipment and medication) in isolated villages where patients could be treated by non-experts through video conference. They get how and what to do instructions by a professional who should be located in an hospital or can be connected via his terminal or smartphone in case of emergency.

This MD should be available within a very short time to provide necessary information and improve the outcome of the patient. He or she must instruct the persons what to do. (e.g. also advanced live support).

Theses system should bridge the time gap between the moment of emergency and, if necessary, the moment till the ambulance arrives.

The video data can be transferred via UMTS (mobile) or DSL (EP -Hospital) or if these services are not available (mountains, rainforest,… via satellite communication).


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  2. I am not sure, if it is a good idea to let a non-expert treat patients. Even if they will be instructed by a doctor.
    They have not the qualifikation to set a infusion or do other medical techniques.
    If they get a medical basic training, it would be possible.
    But i would establish one “emergency Point” in a region and not in every village, this will be for the start to expensiv and to complicated to realiese

  3. As the above commenter, I also think that it won’t be possible to perform certain types of treatments (any kind of surgery). Neverteless, I think it would be great if people have a place where they get information on how to help until help arrives.
    The problems I see with your vision:
    – they have to bring every injured person into this EP to help them, as it’s the only place with medical equipment and the videostream will be recorded there
    – if they cannot perform surgeries but only “normal” injuries, they soon will be able to tell what to do without those terminals.

    Kind regards, MC

  4. I like the Idea in General, but is also have to Point out that a surgery should probably be done by someone who hast the practical knowledgen and not just theoretical advice. for diagnostics only i could imagine it to work grat but again just as an additional Information source for a paramedic for an example.
    and as far as i understood the Patient Needs to be brought to the EP. in this time ambulance will most likely have arrived.
    the only Region on earth i could imagine this to be used would be something like the south pole just as in House MD .

  5. I don not think that this system would make much sense economically (at least in europe). Nearly all people in rural areas who inhabit larger aggregations live within a resonable distance from the nearest hospital. The only ecception are people who live very scattered by their own ( for example mountain farmers in the alpine regions). In this case it doesn’t pay of to establish a whole EP just for one or two families. The needed medical equipment must be quite dangerous and you must pay a MD for 24 hours a day to be avaiable. Moreover I also assume that the medical equipment will need maintainace on a regular basis. This will increase costs further.


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