Radiological diagnosis via telemedicine

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Diagnosis via Telemedicine

The Telemedicine Clinic (TMC), located in the UK, is a radiology centre that provides reporting services and long-term diagnostic delivery solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers in Europe.
The TMC is a sub-specialist radiology centre that provides day and night reporting services and support to more than 100 public service hospitals and local health authorities.
These 100 or more accredited sub-specialist radiologists focalise on specific diagnostic areas that include Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, PET-CT, Mammography Screening and Nuclear Medicine.
Due to the huge amount of diagnosis since 2002, they gathered a lot of experience about radiological examinations all around Europe. Therefore they are able to guarantee a very short response time, high quality reports and also an ISO certificate.

In future institutions like the TMC could play an important part for a modern, high developed and efficient medicine infrastructure. Due to the new possibilities concerning radiological diagnoses via telemedicine in future every patient could have prompt access to high class radiology, no matter where he comes from. The expansion of this system could save a lot of lives, time, money, stress for patients and physicians and misdiagnosis because of the high experience of the diagnosticians.
It is possible that in future a hospital only owns all the radiological examination units – only to perform the examination. The diagnose and a suggestion of the best and latest therapy could be transferred via telemedicine applications.


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