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My vision is an application for selfmonitoring and disease prevention, through a system which connects patients with doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists.

The use of mobile applications could improve information flow, improve access to patient information, and encourage patient safety regardless of the care setting. Such a system will also encourage more effective and efficient use of health resources and encourage team-based care.

Presently, health costs are consuming a growing portion of family, business, local and federal government resources. As example according to statistics Austria a total of €32.4 billion was spent on health care in 2011. Thereof, current health expenditure amounted to about €30.7 billion and gross capital formation in health care provider industries contributed €1.7 billion to total expenditure on health care. Between 1990 and 2011 health expenditure increased on average by 5.1% annually.

It is a fact that an increase in productivity among doctors nurses and other healthcare provider is caused by investments in the IT infrastructure. So the dictate of the moment should be to launch the much needed prevention systems, reinforce those which already exist and expand them even further.

Benefits of a connected healthcare experience:

  • Improved health from regularly tracking key health indicators such as weight and blood pressure.
  • Connect patients with doctors and advisors
  • Increased access to affordable health care
  • Increased ability to self-manage through tracking and improving basic health indicators
  • Provide Nutrition Guidelines and workout instructions.

In order to achieve this goal it is needed to pursue a long-term information and communication technology implementation and consolidation strategy for improved evidence-based decisions and timely information sharing.

In my opinion the Key factors are :

  • The current health system needs to focus more on patient’s needs and it should adopt itself to the current environment which is currently focused on mobile devices.
  • Since the healthcare expenditures exceeds a critical limit, it is a must that resources and infrastructure are used more efficiently.
  • Last but not least the way how health services are organized and delivered needs to be reworked and improved.

2 Responses to “Mobile application for connected healthcare”

  2. I like this idea. The current situation (at least in Austria) already promotes the idea of self-monitoring in the fitness environment but there is no connection to professional physicians who could use this data to make informed decissions. I don’t know if the health care costs can be reduced in the short run (additional infrastructure, data storage, security, etc. cost a lot) but in the long run this constant monitoring involving everyone individually could improve the overall health (reducing health care costs) significantly.


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