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This system should remind the user to not forget about the healthy day routine he or she is supposed to follow! To have the chance to always reach the person it could be installed on the mobile devices in terms of an application.
To improve the day routine of individuals this feature should provide support in form of popping-up different questions or invitations throughout the day in a friendly and encouraging way for instance – Have you had enough water yet? Have you already had some fruit or vegetables today? Why not going for a run today! Let’s start todays’ workout! With all of these reminders a short information about the meaning of the message should be provided too, for example why it is important to drink enough water and what the liquid is doing with your body or what positive impact a run has on your health etc.
To gain more individual assistance the application should provide the possibility to save general data about the person for instance the age, weight or in what circumstances he or she is living (student, stressful working condition, sporty lifestyle and so on) or even store individual needs for example if a person wishes to receive regularly reminders about drinking enough liquid. In addition to the opportunity to limit the number of reminders should be offered, to prevent to annoy the person.
In terms of applying high quality of this service nutritionists or sport scientist should be involved into the development too.
The aim of this system is to make the people aware about their basis of a healthier lifestyle. With the aid of these pop-ups the user will be reached throughout its busy day routine!


3 Responses to “Healthy lifestyle reminder”

  2. I like this idea very much. Nowadays its really hard with all the stress to live a healthy day.
    Because nearly everyone has a smartphone there is a great oppurtunity to be reminded through the day. I also like the information pop ups which tells you why e.g water is that important. I think this is a good motivation to live healthier.

  3. If this app is seen as a supporting item for an existing diet and sports plan given to the user by a physician and it is used just as a reminder to improve the patients compliance i like this idea, because eventually the abb could also ask the user if he already did the Task he was asked to do and for an example if the Task was “run 2 km” the app could ask to press a button when you start and one as soon as you finish and check the covered distance. If it should be an everyday app for everybody it could also be a nice idea to provide as you mentioned good reasons to drink more water or eat more vegetables instead of just telling the user to do so.


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