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Diabetes is a chronic condition which gets more and more relevance for health care providers and patients. They have to abide by nutritional protocols, need insulin injections, and much more. My vision would be a App where vital data could be stored, an alert system which reminds the patient when he/she forgot to take the daily required insulin or if a life-threatening situation occurs the smartphone app should send a message to the next emergency medical service with an attachment that the patient has diabetes and also the relevant vital data, it should also offer nutritional protocols, manage the required drugs and insulin, so when any drug would interact with any other the app should display a warning, or when a drug or insulin is nearly exhausted it should also display a warning. Another function could be fitness programs and exercises. All this parameters could be scaned in with NFC devices, tipped in or scaned via sensors ( e.g. armlet which measures blood pressure, heart beat when doing sport). So the patient can unconditional live, phycians would be discharged and money could be saved. The important thing is that patients accept the app and that it is simple to use especially for the older generation.


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  2. Hi,
    at first: nice idea.
    But my question would be, how can your application know when a life-threatening situation occurs or if a person took the right amount of insulin?
    Also, if you take an existing app, for example MySugr (http://mysugr.com/companion/), in combination with the iBGStar® Blood Glucose Meter (http://www.bgstar.com/web/ibgstar), you get something that’s more or less what you want.
    You can measure your blood-glucose level with the iBGStar, synch it automatically into the MySugr app, and store/analyse your data. Moreover it offers you challenges to keep you motivated and offers several types of reminders.
    Kind regards, MC


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