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Current situation

It is a matter of fact that our healthcare system does not focus on prevention – quite the contrary, it is more lucrative to treat a disease than to prevent it.

Although it is commonly known that all of us should undergo a preventive checkup from a certain age onwards, no one is really interested whether we do it or not and there is no facility or device that cares.

Improvement suggestion

It would be possible to create an online platform where a person can log in and enter personal data like age, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and the history of diseases of parents and grandparents.

The system can then calculate the individual chance of developing a specific disease and in order to calculate the probability more exactly, relevant results which emerge during an examination of a physician can be imported into the system.

When you know about the diseases you tend to develop, the system can remind you periodically about the examinations you should undergo in order to prevent them.

Furthermore it would not pose a problem to point out the physicians in your neighborhood you can visit, adjusted on your insurance.

Such a system would support us in the whole process of finding out about our health risks and it would help to avert specific diseases and would therefore lead to a more healthy society.


6 Responses to “Prevention support system”

  2. I like the vision, and I know a lot of apps which supports and guide you through a lot of functions. For example I have a app on my smartphone which is called S Health, there I can create set goals, tip in my vital data, check my fitness status and much more, it’s easy to use and has a lot of functions. But I think the problem is elderly people won’t use it. For them it could be to difficult and there also must be a kind of approval for the use of such apps.

  3. The problem I see with such a prevention application is that mainly people who are already interested in their health (and therefor people would are already living healthy)would us it.

    Many people with widespread health problems like obesity would not like to use such an application. It would be depressing for most of the people to see how unhealthy they live and how unhealthy their food is.

    Furthermore the effects on the insurance would be rather bad for people who are not using such a system or are using it and having bad statistics than good for people who live healthy. Insurences never give money away for free.

  4. I also like this vision but I have to agree with Kevin. Just people who already take care about their health would use it.
    The others would be scared to see how unhealthy they live. They also won’t go to the examinations if the system remindes them.

    Firstly, there should be a rethinking of the society. People should become aware of the risks of, for example, unhealthy food.
    If people are willing to avoid unhealthy risks and to live more healthy, the project about this online platform should get started. Otherwise, I think there are not so many people who would use it.

  5. I am also in favour for such a system but as the others already mentioned I have also doubts about its usefulness because only people who are already concerned about their well-being would use it.
    What we really need is a system that is able to relieve the burden on resident physicians and moreover it should support the patient empowering movement.

    In my opinion it would be more useful to expand the idea, for example a platform where patients can talk about their ailment and share their success stories, so patients could support each other.
    A key factor for the prevention support system is a platform which connects patients with each other because in my opinion prevention relies on information sharing.

  6. Unfortunately, today too little time and money is spent into the prevention. It is still better and more lucrative for the healthcare system to cure existing diseases than to prevent impending diseases.

    I think that such a system has loads of advantages. But I’m not sure how many people would use it. Many people still think that their health in the responsibility of their doctors and physicians. And they just want to know what is going wrong when they feel sick.
    There are a lot of diseases where the majority thinks that it is only possibly to get them when you are old. Unfortunately this is not true and the focus is not on young people. I think this is a disadvantage because many think that they can not even get certain diseases because they are just too young and wouldn’t use such a system because of that reason.


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