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It goes without saying that with the aging people depend on a growing amount of medication every day. Pills for a various amount of chronicle diseases should enhance the quality of life and ensure a well-being. But even experienced physicians don’t know about the side effects of every medication, when somebody is adviced to take about 10 tablets a day. This leads to dangerous side-effects and can worse the health status of a person.

In the future there can be a decision support system for physicians and even for the patient itself.
An application for smartphones and tablets provide an interface for patients where they are able to type in every medication they are used to and in turn the mobile device sends these medications to a database where every single medication is analysed and examined with the combination of another medication. In the end the user gets an output about the side effects and interactions of all his medications. Furthermore the user can save this query and add medications at every time he wants (maybe if he feels bad and wants to take a headache tablet).
This system can even be used in hospitals as decision support systems for physicians where this software can be implemented in the hospital information system.
The database as the important component must be maintained regularly and provide a high spectrum of medications.


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  2. I am not able to see any other commends on this website, so I hope I wont write dublicate stuff.

    As I know there are already applications and websites that check interaction between different medication.

    Sure, they are are far from perfect, but as time passes they will get more and more complete.

    The problem I see is that an application itself is not enough.

    Mostly old people are using many different drugs at the same time, and they don’t know how to use and modern application (if they even know that such websites exist). And their GPs often dont even know what medication exactly they are taking. (If they get different drugs from different doctors).

    What we need is an system that automatically collects all data from medication someone takes. The data could be collected when medication is dispenced at a pharmacy. This would ensure that actually all data is fetched (but certainly privacy groups would have a problem with this).

  3. This vision sounds interesting but I have doubts about the usage of this database. Many doctors don’t want to trust virtual systems to make a diagnosis. I think they would say that they are well-trained doctors and don’t need a second opinion. In MY opinion this attitude is really sad and definitely should be changed!
    If these people are willing to accept such a database, where they can look up lots of things about combinations of medicine, it would be a great impact to health!

  4. I can imagine this system for personal use – not really for doctors. The main problem in private use is that people who would need such an application, aren’t able to use it at the moment – like Kevin said before. But when we think of 2030 – what’s the intention of this website – more and more elderly people will be able to handle technical equipment so I wouln’t give up on it prematurely.

    The problem is that people who need to take several pills take one pill for their actually disease, the next two pills are against the side effects of the first pill and so on. Therefore it is an advantage to keep an overview – if the database is always up to date.

    I like the idea that your query is saved and you don’t need to type anything several times!


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