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I don’t like to go to a general practitioner. It consumes too much time I could spend elsewhere. When I feel like having a disease or injury, I just google my symptoms and try to treat myself. This works well for me, but it would be much easier with a professional online platform which could assist me in doing so.
There are websites which allow you get diseases corresponding to symptoms, but this is too superficial.

My vision is that in future the platform will work like this:
After entering your symptoms, the platform asks for important background information, for example
‘When does the pain occur?’ and offer selectable answers like ‘At night’, ‘During sports’ etc. …
If none of the answers fits, the user can help to improve the system by entering an answer of his choice.
New information like this will be checked by qualified physicians.
By utilizing users for gathering information, the accuracy of all the diagnoses will increase continuously.
When important information is completely entered, the platform provides me with possible diagnoses AND it displays advices for each diagnose (e.g. ‘go see a doctor immediately’ or ‘these exercises will remove the pain’+videos of exercises).
Users have the possibility to rate their diagnoses and add advices, this information can be used by professionals to improve the system.
Users have to know that the platform is for information purposes only, but if you take a small risk, it can spare you a visit to the doctor at least in case of simple diseases/injuries.

Possible extensions to such a system would be medical devices for users which help them to obtain more data/symptoms (blood pressure monitor, stethoscope)

The key is, that experiences not only from physician, but from ‘patients’ are used to improve the system. Until now I always relied on posts in forums I found by googling. Although this might sound risky, it worked well. A professional designed platform would be a huge improvement.


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