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Today the use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as medical products (MP) is very common. In future this trend will increase. To accomplish all certifications and standards for MPs we need special software and hardware products. The software would be based on Android or Ubuntu for mobile devices. Modifications of the software would allow us to certificate it as a MP and install an app store for eHealth/mHealth apps only. Just as Android and iOS an SDK would be provided to easily create apps. The next step is to build a tablet that is adapted to be used in the medical sector. Standardised interfaces would allow do build matching hardware devices.
However, the use of mobile devices as MP is on the rise and this idea would provide an all in one package that is secure and certificated. Although the achievement of this vision is very hard, it would be a big impact in the healthcare sector.


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  3. Mobile devices such as tablets are already used in the medical sector. Well, they are not very spread in Austria, but I agree that this trend will increase. So in my opinion this vision, to provide an All-In-One package, would expedite the process of a higher useage of mobile devices, which would optimize the health. Integrating tablets in the hospital environment would improve the workflow. Physicians, nurses and staff in general would be able to respond quickly, efficiently and securely to the patient’s medical needs.


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