App for multiple sclerosis patients

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Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease, which is incurable. There are many different forms of treatment and in the most cases the patient receives multiple injections per day. For this task the area of injection has to be changed. Because of these multiple injection often the patient receives his medication at home. Wouldn’t it be great if we could documented the medication and the disease status of disease with an app? This app should also send back a feedback of the doctor and assure that the injection is placed right through picturing the injection area.


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  2. The App for Multiple Sclerosis Patients would be a big progress and I also think its a good idea.
    When the doctor has the time to give a feedback it would be really great because you do not have to go their all the time for such a thing you can do by your own.

    A problem I see in this idea is that when the disease is already advanced, you will not be able anymore to do it by yourself. So there have to be someone who manage the app for you. I don’t think that so many people have someone who would do this.

    Finally i think the App is a big help when the disease is still on a low level.


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