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My vision is not about a certain personal health application. It is about interoperability which can be achieved by making use of standards.

Imagine the following example: A patient uses a certain personal health system at home (e.g. the system designed for transplant patients, see the corresponding vision on this website) and owns a device to interact with a physician and to send biometric data. Now, the patient gets referred to another institution (e.g. a hospital where more expertise is available on a certain field, probably in another country). By using standards on every side of the system, it should be possible to arrange this process as efficient as possible. The patient is able to send his/her data to the “new” institution the usual way without getting a new device and in case he/she becomes referred to the next institution the “old” data should still be accessible easily in order to have a complete set of records ready for health care stuff.

Without using standards there is a huge lack of interoperability and flexibility. They should be used within and also between different health care institutions to facilitate communication processes in health care systems. So this is my vision for the use of personal health systems in 2030.

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5 Responses to “Using standards in PHS”

  1. I totally agree with Wolfgang.

    The use of standards is getting more and more important. We are already producing a lot of health care data using many different devices and systems in many different institutions which is not assembled properly.

    However to obtain complete and meaningful sets of health care data we need standards which allow data collection from personal health systems, apps, health records and so on.

  2. I also agree with your opinion of the standardization problem. In order to create a complete health record of a patient and his clinical history it is very important that the different “sources” of health-related data (various systems, devices or organizations) can understand each other and are able to work together.

    This state can only be obtained if certain standards are implemented and the different “sources” of health-related data adhere to these standards. In my opinion that is a big challenge and it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve this goal of standardization.

  3. My personal opinion is that we have nowadays a problem with standards in practical use, but due to the initiation of the “ELGA” in Austria within the next few years, this problem can be solved. We are talking about a personal health record, which should combine different types of data in a single document.

    If we can overcome this hurdle, we also overcome the standardization problem. As Wolfgang says, the standards should be used within and also between different health care institutions, to provide optimal health care, and I absolutely agree.

  4. I also agree with your opinion about the standardization problem. In my mind, we need to find common ground in interoperability and standardization in form of a minimum basic data standard set. When every healthcare application is based on a common minimum basic data standard set, it will became easy to share data through different applications. If this minimum basic data standard set is also well designed and easy to understand, it will foster people to build communities and develop different APIs around this dataset.

  5. Interoperability is one of the key components of a useful IT infrastructure. The problem is that there is such a high number of technoligies which need to be standardised which makes it quite problematic to keep an overview. Additionally most companies deny working together and instead try to enforce their own standard. I agree with the idea of Flo that we need at least a standard minimum dataset. Maybe healthcare providers should be forced to at least follow this minimum standard to provide a minimum of interoperability. Or even better a head organization which is in charge to put in mandatory standards.


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