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By 2030, the pregnancy related information and communication with the health professionals is widely facilitated by the mobile devices that reduce hospital visits. Such pregnancy application could provide trusted information to help parents have a safe and healthy pregnancy with tailored information easily available. Such an application could give expecting parents a comprehensive guide during their whole pregnancy, it’s designed to make the journey of this exciting time even more special, including for instance:

  • Daily info on your pregnancy
  • HD belly and foetal pictures
  • Health / Diet / Exercise / Medical
  • Weight tracker
  • Preparing for labour
  • Birth plan / hospital bag
  • Baby shopping list
  • Baby names list
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction counter
  • Doctor’s notes

Such application could also provide secured communication channel with the doctor to share data and discuss the implications.

Success of such a solution would require the collaboration between application provider and health professionals. Probably private hospitals are more easily available for discussing such an approach. The application could be offered as an alternative to conventional practice and the patient could pay the service simple by purchasing the application together with the related service. This could also be of interest for the health insurance companies in terms of possibly having access to data and also to reduce pregnancy related risks.

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8 Responses to “Mobile pregnancy councelor”

  4. The mobile pregnancy councelor would be relevant and very helpful for expecting parents, who are living in an area where the next hospital with maternity ward is far away.

    This m-health innovation could minimize the stress parents are exposed to and further through the use as ‘communication tool’, it would make them to feel more secure.

    The features, which are provided by the mobile pregnancy councelor are great, but I am concerned about the feasibility of the feature ‘HD belly and foetal pictures’.

    However, to enable this innovation, it will need the willingness of the health professionals, expecting parents and the app provider.

    In times of savings in the health care sector, like in Austria (closings of several hospital wards or even hospitals) and the Austrian’s (negative) attitude to new inventions and changes in the health care sector, as we know it from ELGA – The Electronic Health Record in Austria, I have my doubts about the feasibility.

    Overall, I rate the Mobile pregnancy councelor with 3 for the Feasibility, 5 for the Relevance and 4 for the Novelty.

  5. I think that the mobile pregnancy councelor is a good idea, and many useful applications are feasable, but how does the “HD belly and foetal pictures” works. So far as I know this is only possible at a gynaecology.
    However, doesn’t it cause stress to the mother if she has to fullfill so many tasks every day?

  6. I’m also in favor of the mobile pregnancy councelor. Nearly everyone is in possession of a mobile device yet and most of the owners are using it throughout the entire day. Therefore I see no reason why pregnant women would not use it as an additional support.

    The whole time period of getting pregnant and having a baby is an absolutely exciting time for all the persons concerned, of course especially the mother and the father.
    So why not having the chance to always be able to check on your saved informations (health, diet, weight, doctor’s notes etc) or to have a great guideline through the pregnancy.
    In my oppinion this feature will largely be used by women or couples, who are expecting their first child! Their lack of information might be greater. But nevertheless the mobile councelor will provide great support; for instance when it comes to communication with health professionals, especially for people who would have to take on a long journey to get to the hospital – it’s money and time safing!

  7. In my opinion the mobile pregnancy councelor is a great idea. For some mother-to-be the hospital visits are very stressful especially when they have no boyfriend/husband. Getting into the hospital with the car is in the end of the pregnancy periode impossible and also dangerous. So the communication beween Doctor and woman would be very stress relieveing.

    Inforamtion about health, diet, exercise and medical is also very important because primarily young or not wanted pregnant woman are overburden and do not think about what they eat or take medicine which she is not allowed to dureing pregnancy.

    Also birth plan, hospital bag and the baby shopping list is a important point. When a mother-to-be feels that she is perfectly prepared for her baby, it will be more easy for her and she will be more relaxed.

    I think even if a pregnant woman knows that she could have contact with her doctor, she will feel better and more safe.

    The only thing I do not understand is the HD belly and foetal pictures. How should it work? As i know it only works with ultrasound. I can not imagine that every woman has a own ultrasonic device.

  8. I also think that the mobile prengnancy councelor is a good idea but there are some confusing functions. I am not sure how the “HD belly and foetal picture” should work, but there are also a lot of other fantastic functions. I think some mothers-to-be are often too careful and with this mobile app they are able to monitor their daily life.

    The “baby shopping list and the name list” are nice additional functions but for a healthy pregnancy there is no need for it.
    In any event this mobile app is a good way to silence the conscience of the mother-to-be.

    The collaboration between application provider and health professionals could also be difficult because to supervise such a program could be a lot of work and that could be to much work for a busy health professional.


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