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Wearable devices, such as Google Glass, will be the follower of smartphones and tablets in the next five years.
gPHS stands for Glass Personal Health System and could be the next PHS, which will be displayed in front of your eye.

Vital signs, such as weight, blood sugar, pulse and blood pressure, could be extracted from your EHR’s and visualized as progress in different charts on demand. Therefore a new connection to your EHR repository will be established and relevant data will be transmitted encrypted to your wearable device. Also a link to measurement devices could be imaginable to get a status quo of a specific vital sign.

Moreover such a system could be also useful for the treatment of chronic diseases. Physicians would be able to acquire data via speech recognition anytime in order to check the status of a patient . In case of a warning due to values, which exceeded thresholds, a signal could be displayed on the glass to inform the physician immediately.

So the purpose of this vision is to strengthen chiefly the patient empowerment. Users would be able to monitor and learn about their (current) health status. For the treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases this system will deliver time benefits. It is not necessary to check all patients via a web portal of a telemonitoring system. This could be easily done on the way to work for example.



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