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This online system will enable doctors to access patient’s health records from all across the European Union. It will also give people more knowledge and control of their health via their computers and mobile phones. The programme will keep archives of each user’s electronic health records, as well as store data about daily activities and family history. These combined factors, which may influence general health, would then be collated to predict and prevent potential diseases such as various forms of cancer. It will also build a consistent continent-wide record of individual citizens enabling effective treatment should travellers become unwell anywhere in the EU.

In essence, the system will provide a solution that offers access, collection, sharing and intelligent analysis of long-term and consistent personal health status data. This will help to deliver clinical analysis, prediction, prevention and treatment tailored to the individual subject. It will also use a person’s information from sites such as Twitter and Facebook to give more details about a patient. With mobile phone tagging it is also possible for the system to show where the patient has been. So for example if they are regularly in the pub, it could suggest to the user that they are drinking too much. Additionally if they go to the doctors and told they have a disease, precise medical information will be sent their way; which a) reduces the need revisit the doctor, and b) helps them research online for healthcare information.

Image analysis algorithms and approaches will use advanced computing technology to support accurate examination and reliable detection of a range of cancer diseases through the information available, from imaging data to histology data. The availability of such information will help solve many uncertain cases caused by the ambiguity of data that is often seen at a single scale. For example, the analysis of histology images will provide significant measures to reach more trustworthy decisions for the detection of abnormal structures from the images at the organ level. The infrastructure framework will allow to collect all the health information required to create a 4D digital representation of the patient.



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  4. If I understand clearly what you propose, you want to create a huge database with data from all the patients in Europe, so for a high number of persons … Couldn’t it be some problems with data storage, with such a high number of personal files ? Isn’t it more relevant to sort statistics on a national base and then to do statistics on the statistics of each nation to get a view of all Europe ?
    Considering now the aspect of localization, I am more balanced than you, because you remain free to do what you want or to go where you want whenever you want. Back to your example of the bar, going to the bar does not mean that you always drink alcohol there, you can just have a coffee with friends or non-alcoholic cocktails, but you remain in the bar … Some people could be annoyed by the “reputation” that they could get from your localization system and could leave this system if nothing is done to correct the problem of localization/consequences …
    To go further in your idea, I would suggest to indiquate what you drink in the bar, therefore you get a feedback on what you really do and not only on what you are supposed to do in your current localization …


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