AiQ BioMan t-shirt

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The BioMan t-shirt developed by AiQ has ribbed “smart sleeves” that measure the user’s heart rate, respiration rate and skin temperature. The garment can be further customized to measure skin moisture and electrophysiological signals such as EKG, electroencephalography (EEG), or electromyography (EMG). BioMan includes a heart monitor built-in and an associated iPhone app to track the measurements. Few details were available other than it’ll be available for less than $100 in tank, short and long sleeve versions in the next couple of months.

Future Developments

Wearable medical technologies will only help to gain faster insight to conditions as they arise and lead to better medicine. Multidisciplinary research is required with the involvement of medicine, ICT, electronics and textiles sectors. Fashion and design can also be added to make them more attractive to users.

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