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This is a decision support tool aimed mainly at social care providers to use with their clients, though “expert patients” might also use it directly.
It is an online system that combines knowledge of the particular client with more generic knowledge of healthy living and medical pathways. It provides lifestyle advice, and can illustrate this with personalised scenarios about your expectations of wellness, if you do or do not follow regimes proposed. (These may be illustrated.)
It is able to react to inputs concerning changing life and health circumstances, and tailor outputs accordingly.
The expectation is that nonmedical and/or junior care workers can use this to discuss lifestyle and treatment options with patients and members of the community.
There will need to be careful safeguards with respect to personal data, and to forestall use of the tool to promote particular solutions that are more in the interest of one or other organisation than the specific individual.
Some developments of this sort should be possible well before 2030. I would expect that by then the system could ber much more conversational, perhaps with the Counsellor having an iamge and persona also selected to appeal to the user.

Future Developments

Requires integrated information from various health and care providers, targeted to the individual and making use of best available knowledge of risk factors and treatment options.



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