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Depending on the type of Diabetes patients are conditioned by the disease in different extent. To encourage sustainable balanced sugar levels and respective insulin uptake and to prevent and inform about incidents wearable insulin robot could measure the key parameters, advice the patient with alert messages and when necessary inject painlessly insulin with correct portions. Security and the correct functioning of the robot would require several security levels with back-up systems. The robot would interact with the smart phone and the monitored data would be uploaded wirelessly to the cloud server. The patient could provide different levels of permissions to family members and doctors who would be better informed to help the patient. Such personal data entail privacy issues that require that the patient has the full control of the data and the data protection is taken cared of. Institutionalisation of the service in Diabetes treatment calls for exploring alternative business models.

Future Developments

There seems to be growing number of diabetes in society, which suggests that better solutions are evermore important. As in most of the cases, the piloting will be expensive, but once the solution hits the markets it would gradually become affordable and even cost efficient.
The costs aspects and long-term planning are relevant as the breakthrough of this innovation would require years of piloting and testing in different conditions that would create trust sufficient to rely ones life in this application. Liability issues in cases of malfunctioning need to be clarified; for instance, insurance companies need to get engaged as beneficiaries and to build trust in the service. Different business models could be tested in European-wide. Socio-economic studies on impacts of the system in patient health, life-style and productivity could be conducted to inform decision-makers.


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5 Responses to “Insulin ‘Robot’”

  1. Here is a new approach from two professors, who believe they may have a promising lead from which to develop a new treatment for obesity and diabetes. They combined expertise in bioengineering and endocrinology is leading the way in creating a device that mimics the response of the vagus nerve, which connects the brain to everything from the tongue, pharynx, vocal chords, lungs, heart, stomach and intestines. Their device is designed to suppress the appetite of a patient.

  2. First of all I totally agree with the statement that the growing number of diabetes in society drives us to provide better solutions to cope with this illness. In general this “robot” will be a great tool to do so.

    However you have to bear the usability and the wearing comfort of this tool in mind. On which area on the body would you place it, if this tool should be able to inject insulin automatically? It has to be a very tiny device that restricts the patient in his life style as low as possible which means that the patient should also be able to do sport with this device.

    If doctors get access to the monitored data, they are able to provide better and more personalized treatment for the patients and altogether it will reduce health care costs. In case of emergency an additional feature on the smartphone could be provided which automatically sends an alarming message to some family members, including the actual place where the patient stays at the moment.
    Maybe the patient could also interact with other patients on social network platforms which are especially dedicated for this use. So it is possible for the patient to talk about personal experiences with this illness.

    In general I think that it would be much easier for patients to cope with this illness if they can use a device like that.

  5. First of all I would like to say that i really like this idea or concept. But as far as i know are such concepts more visions than real feasible methods. I absolutely agree that the numbers of diabetic patients is rising the last years. But I think drug industry want to sell the stripes that are needed for sugar level systems. I know it from my insurance that this stripes are really expensive. So the idea suggests itself that big companies in diabetes industry deliberately keep the development in default. When doctors diagnosed me with diabetes type 1 about 15 years ago the already told me to wait 2 more years than there will be the big bang and the whole diabetes treatment is revolutionized. But at least I am using a more modern insulin pump even when the concept of my treatment is the same than in 2000. I really like the idea and everybody that is interested in the development of such great stuff, but I also think that we had to break up conservative thinking of some companies to get more money for develop such great ideas.


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