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The system monitors all meals the person consumes, calculates the nutrition value and analysis if they cover all the consumer’s needs, if the nutrition is healthy or what to consume in addition to get the maximum nutrition value out of the food. This of course depends on the patient’s individual condition, e.g. if she is a trained athlete who wants to prepare for a competition, a diabetes patient or a cardiovascular patient just retuning home after having suffered a stroke. The system also tells the user to eat enough or warns her not to eat too much or the wrong food.

Future Developments

What ever constitutes a system to monitor nutrition: sensors (food, urine), scales, devices measuring bio data of the patient/consumer… and combining also these in a smart system.



8 Responses to “Nutrition support system”

  1. It is a fact, that a Nutrition Support System would be very important in future – as it is today.
    There are many fields where such systems can be used. You can use them to reduce weigh, to control diets,…

    Today there exist some apps that help you to find out, how many calories you need per day and better ones “tell” you the nutritional value of your food,… but the negative aspect all these apps have in common, is that you have to enter everything you ate via a touchscreen or a keyboard and you have to weigh all components of the meal to find how much you have eaten from what…
    You also have to record every sportive activities via touchscreen or keyborad and it is a very time consuming and nerve-stretching activity to keep a record of nutritium, food intake, acitivties…

    To make such a nutrition support system usable and manageable even for elder people it is necessary to develop systems that make the recording of the data easier .

    There might be a scanner with which you scan your food or meal and it finds out all the components of your meal, weight portion, the calories, the vitamins, the fat content, etc. All the information might be transmitted to a mobile device where you can find out the composition of your food and what you can do, to “upgrade” your meal to get the best out of it.

    For the Usability of such a nutrition support system it is essential that it is easy to use and discrete. For example when a person has to use this system for reasons of health and this person is in a restaurant it is probably important for this person that the recording of the intake is as invisible but on the other hand as reliable as possible.

  5. Nutrition besides sports is one of the most important factors to prevent diseases. Today there are lots of apps and websites, which tell you what and how much you should eat, if you want to gain muscle or to lose weight. One thing these apps and websites can not cover is individual needs, everything is calculated for an “average person”, which nobody really is. This project is definitely a big step to better nutrition suggestions for individuals and the knowledge of how much calorie intake they really need.
    Furthermore it is a fantastic tool for the elderly patients to remind them to eat, stay hydrated and prevent wrong diets.

  6. I like the idea of the “nutrition support system”. The right diet and the regular sport keeps us fit. Many apps like this system is existing, but this system should be able to do more than those apps. Maybe the system recognises the meal via laser or something else to get this meal into the system. What can be submitted into the system? How does it really work?
    All people are different and also the body absorbes the nutrition differently. I think it is hard to get a system that works directly with your body.
    A possible solution is that many environmental conditions and other vitals are measured that the system fits you well.

  7. A lot of the citizens are unaware in terms of the right and healthy nutrition. It starts with their childhood – they have to get used to the eating habits of their parents or especially of their mums (since they are the one’s who are preparing the meals).

    So if you have bad luck, you might have no idea about a balanced and healthy diet and because of this you are likely to get overweight or suffer from other health risks/diseases. Even those who are exercising regularly should be aware of what they are eating, because in my opinion the nutritions role is about 80% of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you practice on a regular basis – if you’re not aware of your eating habits you’ll never achieve your predefined goals completely. Of course you’ll not gain weight as easy as unatheltic citizens, but nevertheless your body is not able to give 100%

    Summing up systems like this should get followed up on – to improve the people’s health in comparison with daily life devices like mobile phones etc.!

  8. I think many people don’t care about what they are eating. Otherwise the people wouldn’t go that much to fast food restaurants and make their food itself.

    For people with diabetes or a cardiovascular desease, it is necessary to whatch what they are eating and these people would use the nutrition support system.

    But how should this work? It would be difficult to recorde the food. Maybe when the food is placed and removed from the fridge the barcode could be recorded and so the nutrition value are calculated


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